The Guru Hoax

You Might Not Want to Read This

This isn’t some lead generation one sheet or faux paperback PDF designed to bait and switch you into joining a mailing list.

It’s a full-fledged 272-page published exposé revealing how marketing and branding wannabe experts are learning from their mistakes at your expense.

The Guru Hoax: How Business Owners Get Hoodwinked Into Paying for Ineffective Advertising” may disturb you – especially if you’ve previously fallen for some of their fake-it-to-make-it cons.

I will show you:

  • The techniques they use to try to present themselves as a “thought leader” in your eyes
  • How they’ll borrow someone else’s celebrity status to invent credibility for themselves
  • The 7 Svengali tricks they use to build their image as an authority
  • The truth about the line “Our techniques have been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, CNN, MSNBC”
  • How they use b.s. bait – such as a “profit growth calculator” – to lure you on their hook
  • The ulterior motive they have when hawking their high-priced, multi-day seminar (or even the free one they’re trying to persuade you to attend)
  • What quack doctors, phony faith healers, and Ponzi scheme grifters have in common with freelancers, advertising agencies, and brand specialists
  • Why they want you to think their niche is so special
  • How they turn a free consultation into a sales pitch
  • Why they tell you a story when you ask a question, instead of just giving you a straight answer (and how their story is fabricated from whole cloth)
  • Where they are getting their templates – and how you can get them for yourself
  • Why they want you to believe there is a reason – a passion –that drives them to want your business; something other than just wanting your money
  • What they are trying to hide with all of their social proof
  • How advertising agencies fudge their experience, size, staff, niche, workload, locations, expertise, and awards

And a lot more that you may — or may not — want to know.

The Guru Hoa

It doesn’t matter to me whether you request the book or not.

I’m not in the business of giving away books. I offer it free of charge as a professional service to you.

But if you think you’ve been a victim – or you want to prevent yourself from becoming one – you should consider requesting your free copy.

I will reveal the sleight-of-hand and misdirection that cause you to trust them and fork over your money.

Consider yourself warned.

Send your request to get your copy of "The Guru Hoax" mailed to you for FREE.

My book sells on Amazon for $39.99, but I will buy you a copy and send it to you for FREE if you request it here.

The Guru Hoax

My book sells on Amazon for $29.99, but I will buy you a copy and send it to you for FREE if you request it here.

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