You Are Being Fooled, Bamboozled, or Flat-Out Lied to by Wannabe Marketing Gurus, Unscrupulous Advertising Agencies, and Incompetent Brand Practitioners…

They claim to be “certified” in some specialty, but none of them know how to sell anything or have a proven track record of any real success.

Will you fall for their trap and trust them with your marketing dollars?


Did you know there is a “Guru in a Box” industry for wannabe marketing and branding “pros?”

Some of these so-called gurus are fresh out of school. Some unemployed. Others are newly retired and looking for something to do, and a lot are even working for your advertising agency.


That’s right. If they pay enough money, a wannabe can get “certified” as a marketing specialist, copywriter, brand strategist, or some other instant credibility label. This is the sole, self-serving business model of the “institutes” that peddle these certs.

Often the institute allows the wannabe to use a prewritten book in their area of “expertise” — selling them the rights to claim authorship (even though they didn’t write it.)

Poof — they’re an authority! It means nothing, but it looks good.

They’re also provided a boatload of done-for-them marketing templates — letters, emails, web pages, digital and print collateral, presentations, etc. — to help them market themselves to YOU as an expert.

Even when they’re not.

And when you hire them, your info goes into their prefab box and — voilà! — your new marketing materials are really just someone else’s warmed-up leftovers, unbeknownst to you.

Flim Flam Man2

They might not be bad people. Perhaps they just don’t know any better. Everyone is trying to make a living. And shortcuts and life hacks are very tempting.

However, wasting your marketing money while learning from their mistakes is an expensive lesson for you.

If you’re fine with that, it’s your choice.

But if that bothers you, you have another choice...

The Guru Hoa

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