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Ready? Don’t Call Unless You Are.

Because when you talk with me, you might realize you’ve previously been suckered by advertising hustlers or misled by nice people who simply aren’t good at what they profess.

I’m going to show you how to increase your profits from all of your direct response marketing efforts – with my time-tested and proven (yet, radically different) approach for attracting clients and customers for you... guaranteed.

Your eyes will be opened, and you will obtain the knowledge of good and evil.

Just be aware of this:

I charge $350 an hour (with a two-hour minimum, paid in advance) for telephone consultations. Yes, that means a 15-minute phone call could cost you $700. In-person meetings are even more expensive. That charge is deducted from your final invoice if we agree to work together.

Of course, your initial consultation with me is FREE.

I’ll even pay for the call, toll-free 1-800-603-2679.

Want to write to me?

I’ve got a surprise for you if you do:

Jay Huling
The Consulting Copywriter
P.O. Box 14171
Jacksonville, Florida 32238