About Jay

You’ve come to my website because you want to know more about how you can have better marketing, get better results, make more money, and stop wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work.

But at some point, you’re going to want to know more about me.

If you’ve reached that level of interest, this is my chance to grandstand.


You asked for it, so here are 10 points I believe you need to know about me:


    Direct Response Specialist

    I’ve been a marketing consultant and copywriter since 1988. I specialize in direct response – direct mail, email marketing, print campaigns, websites, radio and TV, and sales collateral.

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    Clients In Varied Categories

    Over the years, my clients have included a lot of big names – such as: AAA, AARP, Aflac, American Lung Association, Atlantic Marine, AVIS Rent-a-Car, Barnett Banks, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna Health, Citibank, Crowley Maritime Corporation, CSX Transportation, E! Entertainment Television, Environmental Protection Agency, EverBank, First Union, Habitat for Humanity, Horace Mann, MLB Network, Physicians Mutual, Pitney Bowes, Royal Caribbean, Salvation Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USO, Vistakon, Wounded Warrior Project.

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    Author of Winning Controls

    And I’ve also created a lot of successful winning campaigns for smaller companies you may not have heard of – such as: American Resort Specialty Services, Arthur Treacher’s Seafood Grille, Ethan Allen, First Florida Credit Union, Gainesville Health & Fitness, GATE Petroleum, Hospitality Marketing Concepts, New York Vacation Club, Peterbrooke Chocolatier, Regency Centers, St. Vincent’s Health Systems, Web.com, X-Force Body.

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    Sought-After Gun for Hire

    I am under several non-disclosure contracts by advertising agencies, brand shops, direct mail houses, and lettershops to write for their clients – without their clients knowing about it. So, I can’t tell you who they are. If the post office delivered junk mail to you today, there's a good chance I wrote some of it. I may have even written for you already, and you aren’t aware of it. I don’t need to see my name on a client’s byline – just on their checks.

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    Award-Winning Writer

    A lot of my work has won numerous industry awards – like: Addy, AME, AVA, ECHO, Effie, MarCom, MAXI, OBIE, PRSA, Silver Microphone, Stevie, Summit EMA, and Telly. I even won Best of Category at the International Wildlife Film Festival. But don’t let any of that impress you. None of it really matters. The only thing that matters is the results I get for you.

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    Track Record of Success

    A few years ago, a non-profit client ask me to write a direct mail fundraising package that would raise them at least $50,000. I wrote it; they mailed it, and it raised more than $450,000 on its first drop. Another non-profit raised more than $1.2 million with a campaign of mine. And yet another for a church raised more than $4 million.

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    Leader of the Pack

    When you hire me and we work together, your input and collaboration are welcome – but I make the final decisions. I can’t guarantee your ideas, only mine. There is science and reason and principles and history behind the strategy, copy, and consultation I provide for you. We will agree in advance that your participation is limited.

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    Results-Oriented or Bust

    I prefer to work with results-oriented clients. Getting results for you is the only thing I care about. I don’t even care if you like what I create for you. I might not like it either. But if it’s going to get results for you, that’s what we’re going to use.

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    You Get What You Pay For

    I make no apologies for my high fees. I have earned the right to charge them. I’m not the way you lower your marketing costs. I’m the way you make money. You are paying me so that you can have a winning horse in the race.

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    I Have Your Answers – Guaranteed

    I will show you my step-by-step blueprint for building a powerful direct marketing system, so you can attract satisfied customers, clients, patients, or donors – guaranteed or your money back – even if you’ve been previously burned by advertising charlatans and marketing guru wannabes (or just by an incompetent staff.)

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    And Here's a Bonus Point

    I believe my marketing newsletter THE HULING LETTER is the best free monthly newsletter mailed in the United States. This is a real newsletter delivered by the post office, not some annoying e-zine.

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